Initial Clapper

BE THE INITIAL CLAPPER!!!  Sounds kind of corny, but it WORKS! Online, sometimes you just need a little boost to get things going.  I’ve noticed that with some of our clients, they will have 0 likes and 0 comments but once you get a few likes and comments going, they start rolling in.  It’s like when your in a crowd of people and a person is on stage with no applause but then one guy starts clapping and then the room follows.  If you have a basic presence online, this could be the same issue as well.

I’ve also noticed that on Facebook that posts with multiple comments or Likes will shoot to the top of my wall when i check.  It’s almost like facebook thinks… hmmm, this post is worthy of showcasing to people.  I’ve noticed that I don’t see everyone’s posts anymore on my Facebook.  I read an article somewhere that Facebook filters posts by the people or things you engage with more frequently or something.  Point being, don’t just throw the bait out there… move it around and generate some attention.

The same goes for Amazon ratings, Yelp reviews, etc. When you have zero posts or feedback on things, it might not really encourage engagement from your audience. If you have a small team or friends that can help engage with your social media pages, it will increase your posts visibility and attract more attention.

I’ve seen this practiced and it definitely works!  There are a ton of services out there that let you buy followers on twitter, facebook, etc…. I’m not a big fan of those but i think it makes it easier to “Follow” someone that shows 100,000 followers vs 5 right?  You could either be the 6th follower or the 100,001.  Anyway, organic growth is always the best way but having some help initialize movement combined with great content could pay off huge dividends.

Even though it seems like the internet is a second reality of life, it’s not.  There is a saying that a dog offline is not a dog online.  You can be whoever or whatever you want.  It’s a different world out there people and if you figure out the equations on how to take advantage of the times, YOU WIN!  CLAP CLAP CLAP!

SIGGRAPH 2013 : Technical Papers Preview Trailer

Don’t let the boring name mislead you – this is really interesting stuff. Who knew that watching digital paper get folded or torn could be so satisfying?

10 Years of DFP

Deep Fried Productions is proud to be celebrating our tenth year of business this year. As part of this milestone, we’ve just relaunched our website. In addition to a new layout, everything is also fully responsive and mobile friendly.

We’d like to thank all of our previous clients and colleagues for allowing us to be where we are today. Here’s to the next ten!