Merchandise On Demand

Unlike traditional silkscreening, our unique production chain is entirely ON DEMAND. We only produce what gets ordered, which means no upfront production costs, no warehousing costs, and solves the problem of excess inventory. There are zero out of pocket expenses for you - you just receive monthly payments based on sales profits.

Rapid Development

In addition to translating key art to products, our team is able to work with you to come up with creative concepts and artwork that performs for your brands. Internet fads, breaking news, and memes require a rapid development cycle, and our system and technology will allow you to be first to market with the latest trends, sometimes in a matter of hours. We’ve been working on high level branding campaigns for a decade, and bring all of this experience to the table when assisting with product development.

We Handle It All

Creative Development

Whether you have existing branding and merchandise concepts, or are starting from scratch, DFP can provide the creative engine.

Web Development

With an extensive background in web, Deep Fried is able to offer full website development and other digital technologies to our partners.


The backbone of this program is our unique merchandise creation system. We can create a range of products to offer your audience.


Our on-location production facility can handle all aspects of order fulfilment. Packaging, shipping, and customer service is all handled in-house.